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The Railroad's Equipment

Charles T. Mahan, Jr., a member of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society, has had a lifelong interest in the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad. Charlie started taking photographs of the Ma & Pa in his teens, and became a regular fixture along the right-of-way.

Charlie became known to many of the officers and employees of the railroad, and was able to gain access to many of the records of the Ma & Pa through the years. Charlie has spent many years compiling information on the railroad, its equipment, its employees, its trackage, and many other details about the famous little railroad.

Charlie had been gracious enough to grant the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society permission to share his research through this web site.

On Friday, April 26, 2013, the Ma & Pa world was shocked by the news of the passing of the long time unofficial historian of the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad, Charles T. "Charlie" Mahan, Jr. Charlie was 88 years old, and while many were aware that he had been in steadily declining health for the last several years, getting the news was still shocking.

We invite you to visit our tribute page to Charlie Mahan to read more about this great man.

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