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Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad Related Links

  • Wikipedia - Page on the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad.
  • Baltimore Heritage - Article about the Ma & Pa's Falls Road roundhouse.
  • American Rails - Page about the Ma & Pa with photos.
  • Lancaster & Atlantic Railroad - Pics of diesel engines through the years.
  • Pennsylvania Railroad Stations Past & Present - Pictures of some Ma & Pa stations still in existence.
  • The Diesel Shop - Roster of Ma & Pa diesel locomotives.
  • Baltimore County Library - The Baltimore County Library has many online photos of the Ma & Pa at their Legacy Website. Search for transportation-railroads to see the list.
  • RailPictures.Net - Page on the Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad.
  • Abandoned - A page on this web site that overlays the Maryland & Pennsylvania right-of-way on Google Maps. If you zoom to the highest resolution and switch to the "Satellite" view, you can sometimes see the remnants of the right-of-way. In some cases the right-of-way indicated is not in exactly the right place, but it is usually close.

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