Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society

Winter 2007
Timetable Supplement


Dear Society Members,

Now that many of you have received your Winter 2007 TT, I wish to point out some errors I noticed.

1. Page 3 bottom. I seem to have trouble printing the correction to the last sentence of the right column. Here it is: That last sentence should read: "The shots also document possibly the only time that #70 ever pulled a passenger train."

2. The last paragraph on page 15 should read as follows: "The ROW is presently intact behind the former Meads Tobacco building down to the mill (Photo 16, 17, 18, 19). As the ROW parallels the mill's trailer lot, we found it cleared with the adjoining property. A future church is to be built on the property. The future hiking trail, for now, ends at the point where the ROW meets a farm at the edge of the mill lot, just north of Stein's Curve (Photo 21). We are told negotiations are still pending with the farm owner who now has an electric fence blocking the ROW. As it was getting dark, the passengers headed back northward to end the day on the north side of the Rt. 74 crossing (Photos 22, 23, 24). Rudy noted the present day building at the crossing was built on the same footprint as the original. Bob Hess photos show the placements of the switches for the power plant and other areas. .."

If I notice more errors I will notify you. Thanks.
Art Kuperstein


"NOW" shot for Winter 2007 TT front cover photo

Above is a photo I took on April 13, 2003 (with captions & arrows added), that is a fairly close present day matching shot for the circa 1940 photograph on the front cover of the Winter 2007 TIMETABLE.

This "NOW" shot was taken standing on top of a pile of stone that was located about 100 feet north from where the front cover photo was captured, and facing in roughly the same easterly direction. From this location modern storage buildings at the east side of where the turntable pit was located now block any chance of being able to see the still standing 1876 built former York & Peach Bottom Railway station two-story structure about a quarter mile to the west at Broad Street.

At approximately the same location at the north side of Edgar Avenue is different and much simpler version of the utility pole seen in the front cover photo. But just like in the vintage photo, I think the present day pole still has some type of a transformer attached to it.

At the far right is the original extremely small Delta Jail, and that structure (built with thick slate walls, a slate roof, just a single window-less door, & no other windows) was just out of the front cover photo in the foreground at the far right.

As noted on page 109 in the excellent book "The River And The Ridge" (Copyright 2003) sold by the M&PA RR Historical Society, this Delta Jail structure was built by the town in 1885 at a cost of $250. And, as is the case in many small towns, Delta built also their jail "down-by-the-railroad-tracks", and likely trying to keep it as far away as possible from the nicer parts of town!

Rudy Fischer


Photo Caption Correction
From Rudy Fischer

Ma & Pa RR Historical Society member Steve Corfidi noticed that the photograph at the bottom of page 32 was not taken in Baltimore. Steve was the first Society member to catch that error, and I hadn't noticed it either until I read his e-mail.

The photograph on page 32 shows a southbound freight train on the main line and passing the M&P enginehouse in York (part of the enginehouse and its turntable are visible at far right), and it was taken by Tom Klinger on January 5, 1955.

Sometime ago I purchased an 8x10 copy of that same photograph from "Bob's Photo", and the likely reason why where it was taken is misidentified in that article's caption on page 32 is that "Bob's Photo" had listed that shot as being taken in Baltimore.