Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society

Winter 2010
Timetable Supplement

Corrections and Additions

Page 3 - 2010 Society Annual Meeting

Many readers noticed that gremlins snuck in and changed the date of the annual meeting for our Society. The date of the annual meeting is the second Saturday in June, which this year falls on Saturday, June 12, 2010 and not June 14th as reported in the Timetable.


Page 6 - The Fallston General Store Corner Sign

In this excellent article, in the captions for photos 1 and 2, the names of the photographers were inadvertently switched. The corrected captions appear below with the full-color version of the photographs

The Fallston General store from the station platform, facing northbound (above - John McGrain), and (below - Ralph Morgan) looking railroad west from the rear of the station.

Rudy Fischer provides the following additional information about the photographs:

"John McGrain (and not Ralph Morgan) took the upper photo from the Fallston station's west side platform on November 12, 1958. And Ralph Morgan took the lower photo, that shows the east side of the Fallston station in 1955.

In early 1940's Fallston station had light gray siding with darker gray trim, and by mid-1950's (and possibly earlier) it had been repainted to color scheme in the bottom photo. Also note that between 1955 and November 1958, that wood siding on Fallston store (at northwest corner of Main Street grade crossing) was changed from cream or tan to what appears to be a very light gray or white.

In the upper photo, the 2-1/2 story structure visible in distance is the Reckord Mill (and later was W. E. Robinson Mill). Mill was served by a siding located along structure's east side, and all buildings seen in these two photos still stand in 2010."

Timetable Editor Art Kupersteain provides this full color version of Photo 5 of the article, which is his Photoshopped version of the Pensupreme Ice Cream sign that he developed for his model.


Page 12 - Modeling Ma & Pa Ash Car #639

Reader Gary Heiland noticed a typo in the caption for Photo 1:

"Interesting caption on page 12 of the Winter 2010 Timetable, though I think the reporting marks for the Maryland and Maryland ash car might spark a response from the Mars Candy Company. :-)"

Of course, that caption should say "Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad" instead.


Page 15 - The Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad In The Snow!

Co-auther Rudy Fischer provides the following full-color images of the black-and-white photographs that appeared in the article:

Page 20 - Photo #6
This view is facing south, down the snow covered main line. It was taken near the Muddy Creek Forks Road grade crossing. M&P EMD #82 sits on the curved track in front of the historic Roller Mill. February 22, 2010.

Rear Cover - Photo #8
Taken from Susquehanna Avenue, northbound Ma & Pa diesel #81 is seen parked at the Towson station. With a huge amount of snow covering entire front of the locomotive, #81 must have been the first engine sent north from Baltimore after the February 1958 blizzard to act as a snow plow to clear the main line. At the far left, a workman is clearing the snow laden points of the switch at the north end of the Towson passing siding.

Rear Cover - Phot #9
Northbound Ma & Pa diesel #81 still at Towson station. With such a large amount of snow collected on diesel's rear pilot, #81's must have also cleared snow from the tracks while running in reverse or cab forward. The red truck in distance past frone of #81 (grill visible to right of pole) is parked at Towson Ice House, that was located at north side of Susquehanna Avenue.