Maryland and Pennsylvania Railroad Historical Society

Winter 2011
Timetable Supplement

Corrections and Additions

Page 11 - About the Peach Bottom Ferry, Log Rafts, Stage Coaches, Railroads, etc.
Part No. 1

Author Stan White provides the following additional information regarding his article:

I let an error slip into my Peach Bottom ferry article that I want to correct.

On page 14, the last paragraph, I stated that the Susquehanna & Tidewater Canal closed in 1872. This had been suggested by an article I read, and while I corrected a similar error on page 13 and stated the correct date, I missed the later repetition.

The canal was leased by the Philadelphia and Reading Railroad Company in 1872 and they continued to operate, hauling coal to Baltimore, mostly at a yearly loss of money, until flood damage and the financial problems due to the panic of 1893 became so immediate that they backed out and the canal was shut down 1894.

Thanks Art, for making my article look so good. The whole issue was a good read, as always, adding much new knowledge of the days of the Ma & Pa. George Fitch added to what I knew of operations under timetable and train orders. Gary Toothe has openned a door to a part of the past that I hadn't heard of before. I knew of an early Gas-electric, that pre-dated 61 and 62, but had not heard of the motor-coach tests before.